Dress Code

Permitted Attire:

– Men are required to wear golf shirts with collars (mock necks and turtlenecks are permitted). Shorts may be worn, but they cannot be rugger or cargo shorts (outside external pocket).

– Women are permitted to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, capris, and dresses. Mock style, V-neck and sleeveless shirts are permitted. Tops may be worn untucked. Bare midriff or cleavage is not acceptable.

Hats or visors can be worn in Stanley’s and on outside Patio areas

– Hats or visors must be worn in a forward position.

Attire Not Permitted:

– Denim or jeans of any kind or colour, cut-offs, short shorts, tennis shorts, rugger/cargo pants or shorts (outside external pocket), tank tops, halter tops, mesh shirts, workout attire, spandex or fleece fabrics or graphic t-shirts.

– Hats or visors in the Dining Room or Formal Event 

– Sandals of any kind; including sandals with soft spikes.

– If the host facility has additional restrictions, it will be communicated to all competitors.

– Any other inappropriate attire determined by the Tournament Committee.


– Soft Spike shoe only